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Day 16 - Remembering God When We Feel Betrayed

Finding Your Creative Bones® 365-Day Devotional © 2023

Feeling betrayed by anyone can cut deep.

When betrayal is from those we love and trust, the wound can fester and refuse to heal. If we allow it, betrayal can negatively change our lives.

Through time there is story after story of betrayal and the horrible results. Yet many stories do not tell what happens to the betrayer. Considering the betrayer, it seems they must cut a part of their soul away with each betrayal. Do they throw a part of their selves into the wilderness with the act? It seems inevitable that they eventually cut off all good for themselves if they repeatedly betray others.

On the other hand, being trustworthy prevents the sacrifice of ourselves, who we are, and our good. Instead, we share, love, and invite others to do the same through our trustworthiness. Joseph was a great example who remained true to his belief in the Lord and the Lord to him, even though he was repeatedly betrayed.

If you have been betrayed, do not let the betrayer steal any part of your good. Instead, look to Joseph in Genesis and emulate his faith. Show your betrayer there is another way with your forgiveness and lack of retaliation. They may be bewildered by your actions. This is a better result than opening yourself to the unhappiness retaliation will bring you.


Father, there are many occurrences of betrayal in the Bible, the most memorable being Judas's betrayal of your sweet son. Throughout the Bible, we read the horrors of anger against wrong and the beauty of acknowledging yet not growing hate from the betrayal. This is another choice I must make in my life. I want to choose love, but this does not always come easily or quickly. Sometimes the hurt is overwhelming, and when that happens, I need you to help me overcome the pain. I cannot do it alone. I know I need to choose, and you will help me live with the choice. That is your promise, and I humbly accept it. Forgive me for the time it takes me to make the right choice. With your help, I will hopefully grow the time to be less and less throughout my life. Holy Spirit, help me with your wisdom to lessen the burden of these choices.

I humble myself in your presence and pray in your son's name, Jesus Christ. Amen.


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