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2024 Finding Your Best Year Planner - Mandalas

2024 Finding Your Best Year Planner - Mandalas

SKU: DigieDownload01004

Welcome to your Finding Your Best Year Planner with Mandalas! The planner contains the following with mandalas on each page. Every month has a different mandala.

  • Annual Calendar View
  • Mandala Stickers for printing on an 8x11 sticker page
  • For each month:
    • Monthly View
    • Monthly Goals Sheet
    • Daily Actions (2 formats provided, 24 Hour Clock and Standard Time)
    • Financial Planner
    • Health Planner
  • Annual Recap (personal and business)
    • 10+ sheets to guide you through evaluating your personal objectives in 2024 so you can determine what areas you would like to tweak in 2025
    • 10+ sheets to guide you through analyzing your business in 2024 so you can determine what to tweak in 2025
  • The Daily Actions pages are repeated at the end for easy printing, with 2 pages for each for front and back printing. 24-Hour Clock and Standard Time pages are separated for easy access. Please choose your favorite time clock!


The planner is designed so that you can print the pages in advance or as you need them. The daily action sheets for each month need to be printed for each day of the month. The copies at the end of the pdf are designed for easy front and back printing to save paper. Please note that the mandala background is different for each month.


Email me at if you have any questions or suggestions for future improvements. I will send you a new copy if I can include your recommendation.


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