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Day 5 - Our Roots Run Deep

Updated: Apr 25

Finding Your Creative Bones® 365-Day Devotional

Do you consider your family roots and just how deep they run?

How can we question another person's right when all humanity is descended from Adam, Eve, Noah, and Noah's sons and wives?

Never forget that you are a descendant of God's chosen.

Realizing that and remembering that, is doubt in our Lord possible? Can we remove ourselves from the Lord when there is, if we believe in the Bible, a true and deep connection to the beginning of humankind? We have Adam, Eve, Noah, and his family in our blood. In our blood... However small it may seem, it is there. We are physically part of them; spiritually, we are aligned with Noah and his family when we demonstrate our belief.

How can we doubt? To doubt is to believe that there was an untruth many years ago. When you believe in God, there is no room for uncertainty about where you have come from. It is a truth that we can all cling to with honor, for we are God's people. You are God's child. Jesus came from them and God to spare us from an eternity without salvation. He was chosen. You are chosen.


In wonder, I consider the connection I have to Adam and Eve. I may not have known them, but like them, I falter. I am in wonder and grateful you gave your glorious son to save me from my humanness. I am thankful you recognized that we are imperfect humans, yet you love and bless us. Lord, I ask that you bring reminders into my day to help me remember how connected I am to everyone on Earth. They are my family, and I am theirs, whether we openly acknowledge it or not. We are your family, those you created to walk the beauty of this earth and to grow in our understanding of the miracle you gave us at creation, with Jesus, and today in life.

In the majesty and wonder of your son's name, Jesus Christ. Amen.


a tangle originated by Zentangle, Inc.

Learn how to draw AMBLER at 17:41 in this video

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