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Day 281 - Treating Others as Jesus Would

Finding Your Creative Bones® 365-Day Devotional © 2023

Do you know people who do not treat others as Jesus would?

Can we ever know enough about God? Can we ever fully comprehend the pure and sweet examples he and our precious Jesus serve for us? For example, Jesus is an excellent example of how we should treat one another. He respected and treated everyone with kindness. Yet, some husbands and wives do not follow his example. They disrespect and treat one another as if they were property they own rather than a loved one needing compassion. So many treat a spouse with abuse, verbal or physical, yet expect hugs, obedience, and love returned to them. At one point, an abusive spouse had a great light within that initially drew the other to them. Over time, with careless and mean actions, their light dims. As the abuser moves away from Christ's example and, as a result, moves great distances from the Lord, the abuser loses their relationship with the Lord. They become more and more lost as they become more abusive. It is as if they are water in a sink being pulled into the drain. Abusers work to leave the abused no hope. We need to help the abused and encourage them to take action. They will not lose their relationship with God, but their fear should not be ignored. If possible, nurture and help them move away from danger quickly and suggest they look to the Lord for solace. He is there and has been waiting for the light of Christ to draw them out from the dark.


Lord, I may know people who are not treated with love and respect. I am saddened that many people do not think that treating others as Jesus would treat them is essential. I pray that you can help them change their minds and actions. I may be or have experienced this, and it is painful and demeaning, full of sorrow and darkness. I pray that all experiencing abuse see your light of hope. Should I ever find myself in an abusive situation, help me see your light more brightly and encourage me to discover a way out of the situation.

I love you and want to help others and myself to move into the light and away from the dangers of bad situations. Enable me to see the truth and serve as your example to them and myself. If they or I are the abuser, help me and them understand that through Jesus, we have a path that will return us to the light. We can escape the darkness and return to you. We can also help save others by sharing and caring for them. Let me serve as your example. Please share your strength and guide me on a journey to change with you and Jesus. We can survive and thrive in your brilliance. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen

Eriko Agren, CZT Original Tangle NANA Drawn on Green Brown QoR Watercolor Background with Black Micron by Texas Artist and Author Cindy Rae Fancher, CZT®

a tangle originated by Eriko Agren, CZT

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