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Day 223 - Are You Responsible Enough for Your Happiness?

Finding Your Creative Bones® 365-Day Devotional © 2023

Have confidence. You are responsible enough for your happiness!

Jesus, I AM. God on earth as a human. Here on earth to save us. We could not save ourselves from evil. God saw our lack of change over and over with the Jews. So he gave us himself in his son to redeem our sins and save us from an eternity no human wants to imagine. He loved us then. He loves us still. Yet still, we falter and fail to be genuine in our repentance long-term. It is as said in Ecclesiastes.

Because punishment for an evil work comes not quickly, the minds of the sons of men are fully given to doing evil.
Though a sinner does evil a hundred times and his life is long, I am certain that it will be well for those who go in fear of God and are in fear before him.
But it will not be well for the evil-doer; he will not make his days long like a shade, because he has no fear before God. (Ecclesiastes 8.11-13 Bible in Basic English (BBE))

We want immediate results both in pleasure and the removal of any pain. If neither comes, we can feel both are okay because nothing happened. We are not children who need to be spanked for misdeeds. We are adults who know right and wrong and must hold ourselves accountable for our good and evil. Learn how to repent and rejoice afterward with a sincere heart. Then, we must try our very hardest never to repeat the sin.

Call Jesus for help and pray, knowing he hears you and will support you when you feel weak. Remember that the timing will be his, not yours, so do not worry if there is no immediate response. It will come in some form, in God's way. Be confident that your prayers will be acted on at God's will. Be confident and know you are Responsible Enough for Your Happiness!


Jesus, you, God, and the Holy Spirit are one. Tremendous in your gifts to all humanity, including your creation and knowledge of my life. You are surrounded by mystery, but I see you want the best for me, and I should want no less. Creating the best life for myself isn't always easy, but I will try to become more disciplined and remember that I am your temple and, as such, holy, so to do or think less than sacred things is to disappoint myself. I will learn better ways to respect you and myself with your guidance. For all of your help in all ways, I thank you for all the love I feel from you and for you. Amen.

Zentangle, Inc. Original Tangle TIDAL Drawn on Blue Green QoR Watercolor Background with Black Micron by Texas Artist and Author Cindy Rae Fancher, CZT®

a tangle originated by Zentangle, Inc.

Word of the Day


Learn how to draw TIDAL on the Tangled in Texas Facebook Page. Tangling starts around 3:17 in the video.

Read the Scripture in context on the Bible in Basic English (BBE) website.

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I will call Jesus for help and pray, knowing he hears me and will support me when I feel weak.

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