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Day 20 - Wonderous Mysterious Miracles in Your life, Gifts from God

Finding Your Creative Bones® 365-Day Devotional © 2023

Do you recognize the miracles in your life?

Have you seen the miracles in your life? Where have you seen the unexpected come true?

In the Old Testament, Exodus, we learn about Moses. The miracles in his life started when he was months old. First, he was found by Pharoh's daughter, who immediately loved him and arranged for Mose's mother to nurse him. Then she raised him to great honor as her son, a prince of Egypt, as they say in the movie! How probable was this when considering that the Hebrews were enslaved to the Egyptians? When they first entered bondage, it was willingly to ensure they didn't starve and perish.

Can you imagine the Lord's work to ensure that all came about as he needed so that Moses could fulfill his wonderous destiny to help the Lord free the Israelites from Egyptian rule? A miracle?

Then in the New Testament, we learn about Jesus multiplying the fishes and loaves to feed the multitude. There were many miracles between these two occurrences. Is it unreasonable that you have seen a miracle sometime in your life? But do you recognize it, the gift from God you have already received?

Can you see that believing with a whole and open heart is a miracle continuously fueled by your small acts of faith? Do you see or are you blind to the Lord and his Son, Jesus?

Pray for your miracle of sight and faith.


Heavenly Father, I have a feeling that I am surrounded by miracles and acts of faith that I refuse to see. I witness them but take no awareness of their meaning. I ask you today to remove the blinders from my eyes, ears, and heart. Help me to see you and your wonders in the smallest of events and the overlooked and under-appreciated within the world. You and your acts are always in front of me, yet my blinders prevent my sight. Remove them, and scatter these distractions to the wind so they will not return. I want to see you everywhere and in everyone.

Each person is a miracle, and my sight of their blessings is essential to them and me. I want to recognize and bless you continuously for the gifts you bring into my life. Now, I ask myself how I could ever do anything but surrender myself to your majesty. Only blindness of my faith could allow me to miss your beauty. Please remove my blindness and enable me to see what is truly there. You, your Son's grace and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

May your living breath continuously enter my soul until I join you in eternity. In Jesus Christ's my savior's name. Amen.

Zentangle®, Inc. Original Tangle TORTUCA in a Grid Formation Drawn on Yellow QoR Watercolor Background with Black Micron by Texas Artist and Author Cindy Rae Fancher, CZT®


a tangle originated by Zentangle, Inc.

Learn how to draw TORTUCA. This YouTube demonstration was created by Brenda Campbell of Angel Whispers Art. She has many videos demonstrating tangles and Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA). Please consider subscribing to her channel.

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