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Day 165 - Please Help Me Never Put My Faith Aside For My Purpose

Updated: Jan 21

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Father, please help me never put my faith aside for my purpose.

Eleazar, one of the principal scribes, an aged man, and of a well favoured countenance, was constrained to open his mouth, and to eat swine's flesh. But he, choosing rather to die gloriously, than to live stained with such an abomination, spit it forth, and came of his own accord to the torment, As it behoved them to come, that are resolute to stand out against such things, as are not lawful for love of life to be tasted. (2 Maccabees 6.18-20 King James Version Online)

In 2 Maccabees, you learn of Eleazar, a wise older man who was put to the test of faith by the followers of Bacchus. He was instructed to eat pork, but he would not. Eating pork is against the Jewish religion; it is considered unclean. Eleazar refused to consume even a bite. He knew his choice would bring him an unpleasant death. Yet he willingly chose to suffer rather than showing a lack of faith in God. He loved God so much that he suffered torture and death for his belief. He died with his honor and loyalty intact. He was a martyr for his love of and devotion to God.


God, Eleazar, was wise, kind, and rich in faith. His faith permeated his whole life, and he would not forget it, even to save his life. All he had to do was pretend to eat pork, and he would have been saved. But he would not. He could not disgrace his beliefs or show those around him that sometimes it was okay to forget his faith. In his mind, there was never a time when circumventing his faith would be acceptable. His bravery, strength, and belief are beautiful models to imitate. Like Eleazar, please help me never put my faith aside for my purpose. I don't know that I have the courage Eleazar had, and in truth, I hope I never have to, but I trust that should that moment occur, I will look to you, straighten my back, and use a will of steel that you provide to do as Eleazar did. Amen

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Please help me never put my faith aside for my purpose.

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