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Day 14 - Wrestling with or for God

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Finding Your Creative Bones® 365-Day Devotional © 2023

Our internal battles may indicate that we are wrestling with or for God.

Do you ever think you want to go in one direction, yet something in your mind or heart tells you another path might be best? Could you be wrestling with God, or is God helping you wrestle the worst side of yourself?

Do you fight a mighty fight between right and not-so-right in your haste to get somewhere or achieve something? Do you feel like you are battling yourself? Acknowledging that these battles within ourselves must be fought and continuously fought is a part of the human condition because of God's gift of choice. The choice of good and evil, good for me first, good for others first, is continuous.

When you wage war with right in your mind, you most likely are fighting for the Lord. These battles are part of showing our love for the Lord, but they also demonstrate that there is always the potential to be influenced by evil and selfishness. You have decisions to make that will not always be easy. The internal battle may cause pain or leave you feeling as if you are missing out on something. Accept that this will be short-term, and though there may be many situations in life, each will end as you move forward.

Why must we sometimes struggle to be just, right, and kind? Perhaps the sign of the struggle alerts your attention to know that something is not right, that the decision or action you are making or taking is more important than you realize.

The battle could seem too much for the situation. Consider this: the turmoil may be for your peace of mind. Erosion of your peace is one way to lead you away from God. Pray for conviction and wisdom. Release your doubt. If your decision feels right, move forward with the peace you have received and let your faith and trust lead you on the journey with the Lord. Return your mind and heart to the Lord and his resurrected son, Jesus Christ. If you are unsure, continue to pray and wait for the confidence to come. You will find confidence and peace when you realize what the right next step should be.


Holy Spirit, I depend on you to whisper assurances or concerns when I take action and make decisions. Your guiding voice helps me remain smart and Lord-focused in my decision-making. I would fall into chaos without you.

Heavenly Father, I promise to continue the battle for you. I accept the turmoil the struggle can bring; I know it is short-term. I ask that you forgive the efforts I did not win while strengthening me for those to come. I love you, Father, and I promise to continue the efforts and give myself to you in service. I pray for your grace in my actions and decisions in your amazing son's name, Jesus Christ. Amen

TOODLES Zentangle, Inc. Original Tangle in PURPLE QoR Watercolor using Micron 01 Pen by Texas Artist Author Cindy Rae Fancher, CZT®

a tangle originated by Zentangle, Inc

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The tangle supporting today's message & prayer helps me to see that there is a God's single path, balanced by two of everything else ---- myself AND God. I am not alone in making my choices.

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Cindy Rae Fancher
Cindy Rae Fancher
02. Mai 2023
Antwort an

I love your observation about the tangle. I know that there is a reason for each tangle, but I don't always understand why the Holy Spirit led me to each one. Your thoughts help me look at the tangle in new ways! Thank you. Cindy Rae

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