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Day 13 - Demonstrating The True Goodness of God

Finding Your Creative Bones® 365-Day Devotional © 2023

Sustaining kindness and goodness

We are made good. Have you ever stopped to wonder at the goodness of a toddler? When they first start feeding themselves. They also want to provide for their parent or caregiver. They want to share what is theirs.

The young show great pleasure when they share. They giggle and coo. When do we lose that feeling? That overwhelming joy to give to another.

By the time most of us are adults, we are insulated and interior-focused, on ourselves, for the most part. That joy at sharing is hidden beneath layers of hurt or something else we learned as we grew. Yet restoring kindness for the sake of service is one of the best ways we can bring instant joy to our lives and feel aligned with the Lord. Who is more kind than our Father? What goodness he shows when blessing us continually and giving us Jesus.

Where do your regrets lie? In the kindness you show or the lack of taking action at an opportunity to show compassion? Remind yourself that kindness and goodness prevail if you choose to demonstrate them. You never know how far one act of kindness will go to influence the world positively.


Loving and kind Lord, you demonstrated your kindness in the garden with Adam. You gave him the gift of naming the animals. This kindness shows your willingness to share important decisions and the act of creation with us. You made humanity creators. This example is one I will remember as I try to become more kind. I see you demonstrate love and kindness in so many ways. I am grateful for these moments and all you do to care for me. Remove regret from my life and replace it with actions that show others how wonderful you and they are through my kindness.

I pray for growth in my ability to offer kindness to others and to fulfill my destiny as you envision it. In your loving son's name, Jesus Christ. Amen.


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