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Day 97 - There is a lot of thought that we are all of Abraham

Updated: Jul 26

Finding Your Creative Bones® 365-Day Devotional © 2023

It may be many generations ago, but we are all of Abraham.

Who knows how many generations have been born from Abraham to you besides God? Most of us have never thought of such things.

But remember, there is a lot of thought that we are all of Abraham. We are connected as a family. Through Mary's and Joseph's connection to Abraham, we also become related by blood to Mary and, therefore, Jesus Christ. We are all of him through the body, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord. Perhaps understanding that Jesus and Mary are family will help you believe and feel comfortable speaking to them in prayer, whether for relief or, hopefully, most often, in praise.


Jesus, I do not completely understand how I am related to Abraham and you, but I trust that we are connected and that I am your family through the sacrifice you made for me. In addition, there is scripture, Genesis 12.1-3, that tells me that Abraham would be the Father of a great nation. We are connected in many ways, including that your Father created all of us. I cannot doubt that you loved those who have gone before and after. I am loved and blessed by you. There is a great plan, and I am so glad I am part of it. Jesus, I am grateful that you chose to follow your destiny, respect those who came before, and realize that your gift to your family exceeds all words and sacrifice. You bless me in all ways. Amen.

Zentangle, Inc. Original Tangle GNRATNS Drawn on Blue QoR Watercolor Background with Black Micron by Texas Artist and Author Cindy Rae Fancher, CZT®


a tangle originated by Cindy Rae Fancher, CZT

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Learn how to draw GNRATNS.

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