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Day 314 - John Prepared the World for Jesus Christ

Finding Your Creative Bones® 365-Day Devotional © 2023

John prepared the world for Jesus Christ through personal sacrifice.

And he saw an angel of the Lord in his place on the right side of the altar.
And Zacharias was troubled when he saw him, and fear came on him.
But the angel said, Have no fear, Zacharias, for your prayer has come to the ears of God, and your wife Elisabeth will have a son, and his name will be John.
And you will be glad and have great delight; and numbers of people will have joy at his birth.
For he will be great in the eyes of the Lord; he will not take wine or strong drink; and he will be full of the Spirit of God from his birth.
And through him great numbers of the children of Israel will be turned to the Lord their God.
And he will go before his face in the spirit and power of Elijah, turning the hearts of fathers to their children, and wrongdoers to the way of righteousness; to make ready a people whose hearts have been turned to the Lord. (Luke 1.11-17 Bible in Basic English (BBE))

Do you ever think of John, the cousin of Jesus? The Lord foretold that the child of Zechariah and Elizabeth, Mary's cousin, would make the way and prepare the world for Jesus Christ son of our Lord and Mary. John was conceived through faith to be born just months before Jesus into this world. Undoubtedly, many laughed at John the Baptizer and felt he was more than a little odd. But he was firm in his faith and always followed God's will. He brought many to believe, even though he was probably constantly tired and hungry. He baptized the rich, poor, and any who hungered for the Lord. What a sight to witness John in a river with a line of people of all backgrounds waiting eagerly for their baptism and public commitment to the Lord. No doubt John is in Heaven with the Lord, still desiring to bring the multitudes to Christ. He was blessed from birth with knowledge of who he was and would be. He suffered but brought so many to the Lord through his suffering. He is blessed forever in Heaven for his commitment to the Lord.


Lord, I am not John, but I do feel your desire for me to lead others to Christ. I am grateful that John came into this world to pave the way for Jesus and signal that you enabled significant change. You knew we could not save ourselves. So you sent John to help begin the process of people growing their awareness that the Messiah was coming. To prepare us to build new, wonderful living relationships with you and Jesus. Your plan unfolded as you knew it would, and I am grateful.

I am your torchbearer and your instrument to guide as you desire. Lead, I will follow you to the ends of the Earth. Touch others through me. I am grateful for your faith in me and the opportunity. Your mission is my mission. Help me fulfill it for the good of your kingdom both here on Earth and in Heaven. I pray in Jesus Christ's name. Amen

Carole Ohl, CZT® Original Tangle FLOATFEST Drawn on Orange QoR Watercolor Background with Black Micron by Texas Artist and Author Cindy Rae Fancher, CZT®

a tangle originated by Carole Ohl, CZT®

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Read the Scripture in context on the Bible in Basic English (BBE) website.

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Touch others through me, Lord. Help me to spread you with the gifts you have given me.

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