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Day 260 - You Are Unique, Just as Each New Day is Unique

Finding Your Creative Bones® 365-Day Devotional © 2023

Each new day is unique, different from the one before and the one to follow.

As Paul slept in Jerusalem.

And the night after, the Lord came to his side and said, Be of good heart, for as you have been witnessing for me in Jerusalem, so will you be my witness in Rome. (Acts 23.11 Bible in Basic English (BBE))

Each day starts with a new dawn. Each new day is uniquely special. There are days when the sun rises and fills the low sky with colors of hope, yellow, gold, pink, and white. These colors intrigue and inspire us to want to see more of the day.

On other days, there is no visible sunrise. Instead, there is darkness, fog, clouds, rain, or snow. It seems as if there is no sunrise. Yet there is, and we know it. It is not visible. A present to us, yet hidden. Very much like we may feel some days about God.

Remember that tomorrow or someday soon. you will again see the morning's bright light and know it was there even though the world or your little part of the world seemed to sleep through it for a while.


Loving and ever-present Lord, you are like the sunrise, sometimes so obviously with us, other times seemingly gone. Please remind me often that while I cannot always discern your presence, you are always there. Help me feel your presence more intently and find extra joy knowing you are never away. You give me room to be unique, just as each day is unique. Thank you, Lord, for being with me always. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen

Cindy Rae Fancher, CZT Original Tangle DYL Drawn on Green QoR Watercolor Background with Black Micron by Texas Artist and Author Cindy Rae Fancher, CZT®

a tangle originated by Cindy Rae Fancher, CZT®

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Read the Scripture in context on the Bible in Basic English (BBE) website.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Lord, you give me room to be unique for which I am deeply grateful.

This tangle is SOOOO perfect for today's message.

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