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Day 2 - Evil; God's Sorrow

Updated: Apr 25

Finding Your Creative Bones® 365-Day Devotional

What great evil did the man do when Cain killed his brother Abel?

God must have felt burdened and tremendous sorrow by the knowledge that the humans who were so perfect when he created us had fallen so far as to be driven to murder a loved one over jealousy.

We fell far, and we fell fast. Fortunately for all of us, God saw that not all of us sink so low, but he also noticed that the struggle is real. Through God's son Jesus Christ and the Bible, we have hope to overcome the baser, evil side of our nature. But we must take action to do so.

It can become so easy to get lost in anger and hurt. Do you notice when this is happening? Can you practice becoming aware by stopping to ask yourself about the feelings that are trying to take control of you? Stop, breathe, and reach out to the Lord in prayer to ask for help. He is there. This ability is part of what the Lord knew could happen and is likely why he knew humans could respond differently than Cain. Cain was overcome by evil. The love of the Lord can overwhelm you if you ask. You can be the channel of that love for the other person. Your example could change their life.

We must prevent jealousy and the pain we feel and put others first. We must be willing to sacrifice for our brother or sister. But not offer them for our good.


Holy Spirit, strengthen your voice to help me overcome any evil that enters my mind. Remove any temptation to be less than you created me to be. Instead, help me recognize where I need to grow and sustain myself while I mature. Keep me from using everyone who isn't perfect as an excuse. Hone me like wood sanded until perfectly smooth so that I might be the best I can be for you, myself, and all I know, love and care for.

In your precious son's name, Jesus Christ. Amen.


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