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Day 178 - Fight or Compete for Faith?

Finding Your Creative Bones® 365-Day Devotional © 2023

Compete well for the faith. Do you fight or compete for faith?

Job continues to wish he was well and that the Lord was with him.

If only I might again be as I was in the months which are past, in the days when God was watching over me!
When his light was shining over my head, and when I went through the dark by his light. (Job 29.2-3 Bible in Basic English (BBE))

Job continues by describing how wonderful the Lord had made his life, that he had great opportunities to serve others, and they respected him. Now sorrowfully, he feels their contempt, for they believe he failed the Lord. Job thought the worst of their society had started making fun of him.

He feels lonely and abandoned. Job did not understand why God might have turned his back on him.

In 1 Timothy, respecting others is discussed. Paul speaks of enslaved people, but it also seems to talk about relating to all of life. We should treat everyone well; no good will come from actions that lack belief in God.

But you, O man of God, keep yourself from these things, and go after righteousness, religion, faith, love, a quiet mind, gentle behaviour.
Be fighting the good fight of the faith; take for yourself the life eternal, for which you were marked out, and of which you gave witness in the eyes of all. (1 Timothy 6.11-12 Bible in Basic English (BBE))

Compete well for the faith. What an exciting thought. Do you fight or compete for faith? Do you challenge yourself to take your actions and thoughts further and further for your faith? Do you feel you have been baptized, so the race is won? You are correct in one respect. Yet each day, you are handed a new baton to race with. Do you lay it down and go about your business, or do you pick it up and reach for God in prayer and action? Then hand God the baton at day's end?


God, let me pick up my baton every day and remember to return it to you at the day's end. This collaboration is what I seek. Every day when I again continue our journey, let me go a little farther in my reach so that I may spread your love a little further. Let me touch new people and others I know a little differently so that they might be inspired in a new way. Let me continue the fight for faith in new and more meaningful ways for you and humanity. Amen.

Zentangle, Inc. Original Tangle CHANGING Drawn on Gold QoR Watercolor Background with Black Micron by Texas Artist and Author Cindy Rae Fancher, CZT®

a tangle originated by Zentangle, Inc.

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Read the Scripture from Job in context on the Bible in Basic English (BBE) website.

Read the Scripture from 1 Timothy in context on the Bible in Basic English (BBE) website.

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