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Day 126 - The Blessings of David's Request on You and Your Family

Finding Your Creative Bones® 365-Day Devotional © 2023

Does David's Request for Blessings for his family extend to you and your family?

And now, O Lord, you are God, and you have said you will give this good thing to your servant: And now you have been pleased to give your blessing to the family of your servant, so that it may go on for ever before you; you, O Lord, have given your blessing, and a blessing will be on it for ever. (1 Chronicles 17.26-27 Bible in Basic English (BBE))

David prayed to God about his family. He, the servant, asked for his family to be blessed forever. Many are the descendants of David. Do you think that God is still blessing them? Even if there is no way to prove you are blood kin to David, you are the Lord's servant. As such, you and your house are blessed forever. Just as God rewarded and blessed David and all his descendants, you are blessed, as is your home when you serve the Lord.

What does being blessed mean to you? We are blessed forever, as are our children. We have only to believe, follow, and act as the believers we are.


Lord God Almighty, I am blessed, and I know it. I accept the blessings that fall on me and my family through the blessings you placed on David and his family and all you have blessed through time. We are related somewhere. I understand that to be blessed does not mean that I will never face evil or difficulties. What I believe it means is with you, I have nothing to fear, for my destiny is always moving me toward you and eternal happiness in your arms. Help me instruct my family on these thoughts so that they can be encouraged and endeavor to seek your love continuously. Help me help others realize that they are blessed through David's request and others that have been fulfilled throughout time, and they have only to recognize and act on the knowledge. You humble me with the blessings that are everywhere in my life. Amen.

Zentangle, Inc. Original Tangle UNIX Drawn on Orange QoR Watercolor Background with Black Micron by Texas Artist and Author Cindy Rae Fancher, CZT®

a tangle originated by Zentangle, Inc.

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Read the scripture in context on the Bible in Basic English website.

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What I believe it means is with you, God, I have nothing to fear.

Great tangle of Family.

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