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Day 39 - Is it Easier to Believe by Seeing or to Know Jesus Christ Lived?

Updated: Jan 18

Finding Your Creative Bones® 365-Day Devotional © 2023

Is it easier for us to know Jesus Christ rose from the dead?

The Bible tells us what happened when Mary Magdelene and Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, found the tomb open and Jesus gone. It had to be such a shocking moment of fear for them. Yet they had been warned that they would see Jesus again, by Jesus. They knew, but it was difficult for them to believe he had risen.

In Galilee, Jesus was there anew in his risen form. Initially, all who were there could not believe their eyes. They had been prepared, yet belief was still difficult.

Perhaps we are the lucky ones to be able to believe in the truth if we choose to. Scripture recorded by several apostles tells us of what happened after Jesus rose from the tomb. Have you considered that we are not blinded by seeing him on the cross, put in the tomb, and found missing after three days?

We are graced to read and hear the stories of our ancestors and accept, confirm, and walk in the truth. So, likewise, we gain from the stories of Jesus and the stories of believers before and after Jesus' sacrifice for us. We can look to that with awe of our Lord's magnificence, his deep and genuine love of us, and his desire to hold us close through infinity.


Heavenly Father, your generosity is awe-inspiring. While I would have loved to meet Jesus as he walked this earth, I am very fortunate to benefit from the truth in the Bible and all believers since. In many ways, I think this is incredibly meaningful and inspiring to my ability to accept and know Jesus Christ lived and was your son, and he sacrificed his life for me and all who believe and will believe. This takes my breath away. I love you, Lord, and I love Jesus Christ not just for saving me but for the gift of his and your immense love for me. I AM OVERWHELMED when I think of this and want to shout the truth to everyone. I would be grateful if you would help me share your gift meaningfully and believably with others. Allow me to help bring others to you. Enable me to be a believer that demonstrates just how honest Jesus Christ is. Amen

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