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Day 141 - Nehemiah Had Faith and Lived it Joyfully, Can You?

Finding Your Creative Bones® 365-Day Devotional © 2023

Have you given thought to living life like Nehemiah? Nehemiah had faith and lived it joyfully.

What do you do when you hear of injustice or wrongdoing? Nehemiah was incredibly moved by the destruction at Jerusalem's gates and Israel's oppression. He fasted and prayed for days, recognizing in his prayer that Israel had not always done right by God. He begged for forgiveness and blessings for Israel. He remembered the ancestors and Moses and prayed for help and forgiveness. He did not stop there. He told King Artaxerxes of his sorrow and that he needed and wanted to take action. The King, moved by God, supported all of Nehemiah's needs and supported him in rebuilding the gates. Nehemiah set off, and construction of the wall of Jerusalem began.

Nehemiah had faith and lived it joyfully. While you may not need to rebuild a wall, are there other things that cause you to sorrow, like Nehemiah, that you can work on? That you can look to God to help you change? Let your heart, mind, and prayer guide you.


God, there are many wrongs in this world, and I feel sorrow over something every day. I cannot take action on everything I see, but I want to make an impact like Nehemiah, as widespread as you feel it should be, only that it is essential to you. I appreciate your support and encouragement with this Father. This is an area where it is difficult to know if my thoughts are desires or shoulds. You know, and I trust you will ensure I know. Thank you for your guidance. Amen.

Livia Chua Original Tangle BULB LANTERN Drawn on Purple Red QoR Watercolor Background with Black Micron by Texas Artist and Author Cindy Rae Fancher, CZT®


a tangle originated by Livia Chua

Word of the Day


Learn how to draw BULB LANTERN. Livia Chua shows us how to draw BULB LANTERN in her SkinnyStrayCat area on Flickr.

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