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Praying for Our Earth
And- God-Created-Man-Acrylic-Painting-Depicting-the-New-Universe-Earth-and-Humans-Original-Painting-by-Texas-Artist-and-Author-Cindy-Rae-Fancher-Orange-Yellow-Blue-White

Are you searching for something to inspire you to greater joy in life? Do you want to feel more connected to God, your world, and its people? Discover the creative world of Cindy Rae Fancher, CZT®. 

My life is devoted to uplifting others through my daily devotional blog, Finding Your Creative Bones®, art, and teaching. 

Finding Your Creative Bones is a Christian Blog that is the result of my 9-month journey through the Bible from cover to cover with God, The Holy Spirit, and Jesus. They led my mind and pen to record a daily reflection, prayer, and tangle art. Uplift your deepest needs to your father and learn you can become closer to God through the experience.

My art is based on my Christian faith experiences with God as my brush met the canvas. I begin my paintings and art with a prayer that whoever will receive the art will receive joy from the work. I want you to be moved by my art. My work is prayer-filled and reflective of where my brush is being led.

It is my sincerest hope that I can help you find a sense of joy in your life in a way you didn't expect when you arrived.

Let me know if I succeeded! God bless you.

Cindy Rae

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