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Pen and Ink Tangle Art Drawing of 2024 with a Tangled Border

Welcome 2024 Original Tangle Art

Introducing the beautiful "Welcome 2024" original black and white tangle art, perfect for bringing love and inspiration into any space. This unique piece is created on 8.5"x 11" cardstock paper, making it a versatile addition to any art collection. The intricate tangle art represents the unknown that a new year will bring and the certainty that new adventures and opportunities will remind you to embrace life and the love God, family, and others fill our hearts with. Each line and curve in the design captures the essence of certainty, connectedness, growth, and the organic nature of our lives, creating a captivating and meaningful work of art. This unique and touching piece brings the message of hope into your home. 


Size: 8.5" x 11" 

Medium: Pen and Ink

Frame: None Provided. Ready to mat and frame as desired.

Shipping Costs Included

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