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Day 214 - They Would Not Believe Jesus

Finding Your Creative Bones® 365-Day Devotional © 2023

They would not believe Jesus even though they had opportunities to see and hear.

Then Jesus said to the Jews who had faith in him, If you keep my word, then you are truly my disciples; And you will have knowledge of what is true, and that will make you free.
They said to him in answer, We are Abraham's seed and have never been any man's servant: why do you say, You will become free?
And this was the answer Jesus gave them: Truly I say to you, Everyone who does evil is the servant of sin. Now the servant does not go on living in the house for ever, but the son does.
If then the son makes you free, you will be truly free.
I am conscious that you are Abraham's seed; but you have a desire to put me to death because my word has no place in you. I say the things which I have seen in my Father's house: and you do the things which come to you from your father's house.
In answer they said to him, Our father is Abraham. Jesus said to them, If you were Abraham's children you would do what Abraham did.
But now you have a desire to put me to death, a man who has said to you what is true, as I had it from God: Abraham did not do that.
You are doing the works of your father. They said to him, We are true sons of Abraham; we have one Father, who is God.
Jesus said to them, If God was your Father you would have love for me, because it was from God I came and am here. I did not come of myself, but he sent me. (John 8.31-42 Bible in Basic English (BBE))

No one involved in the discussion with Jesus about Abraham would believe Jesus. They would not believe Jesus was from God and that Abraham would have been delighted to see Jesus come to earth.

They were blind to the opportunity that stood before them and Jesus' earnest responses to their comments and questions. Jesus tried to reason with them, but they were deaf and blind due to sin. They were no longer of God. Do you hear the voice of God and Jesus? Their quiet voice in your heart, the Holy Spirit? Are they calling you to accept their forgiveness and love? Respond and never feel worried about what happens when you are here no longer.


Jesus, son of God, I am sorry that so many could not understand that you were the Messiah they had been waiting for. It seems hard to understand why they were so challenged when they could see what you could do. I believe even though I cannot see what they saw. I am grateful for my belief.

I wonder sometimes what happens to those who are not Christian, and it bothers me to think they would have no place in your heavenly home. I know that God loves Israel as they were his chosen people. I find it hard to believe that changed, but I will not know what happens until I reach Heaven. I trust you and God to make things as they should be. I openly admit that I think there must be a way for faith-filled believers and all faiths to find their way to Heaven, but I will leave that to our Father to judge and decide. I am aligned with Jesus, and he is my salvation. With gratitude, I offer myself to serve and love you throughout the rest of my life. Use me as you see fit. Amen.

Zentangle, Inc. Original Tangle ORLIQUE Drawn on PINK QoR Watercolor Background with Black Micron by Texas Artist and Author Cindy Rae Fancher, CZT®

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